κουζίνα (kouzina) Greek for ‘kitchen’ and ‘cuisine’.

Food is a culturally rich and portable form of identity that transcends geographic boundaries through the spread of people and ideas. Cuisine evolves through travelling across borders, absorbing the local and the present, while simultaneously channelling the past and tradition.

Community Kouzina will emphasise methods of food creation; preparation and sourcing as symbols of expression, personality, heritage, community and solidarity.

The Community Kouzina project was originally funded by Marrickville Council’s 2015 International Exchange Program, taking place in Kos, Greece.



Eleni was born in London, and as a child lived between Australia and Cyprus. She has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Applied Anthropology from Macquarie University in Sydney. Her research interests include Identity, Ethnicity, Consumption, Personal and Public Space Engagement. Professionally, Eleni has worked in various Project Management and Research Consultancy roles in Arts, Media and Social Research.  Eleni also has a blog based in Cyprus: Kafe As Poume.