Grilled prawns with avocado salsa with Carolyn – Marrickville

“I try to buy as little as possible from the supermarket because it helps farmers and because it’s better quality”. Yucatan grilled king prawns with avocado salsa** Ingredients: 1kg whole king prawns Marinade: 8 cloves garlic, skin on ½ tsp caster sugar 1 tsp dried oregano pinch ground cloves ½ tsp ground black pepper ½ tsp […]

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Dinner with Lawrence – Marrickville

“We are very open people and we share a lot of food. We cook together quite a lot. Every Sunday most of us cook stuff for the the week. I might see something Rebecca’s cooking and i’ll be like ‘can I have some of that for the next week’.  Bargaining comes with living in a […]

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Glorjig with Diana – Marrickville

“I went on the website and saw what everyone made and it was all vegan and vegetarian. So I am making meatball soup. This is basically a mint and yoghurt broth with meatballs. It’s what every Armenian eats. Glor means ‘round’ in Armenian. It is just what every mum makes in vats. I thought I […]

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Vegan Pho with Rohan – Marrickville

“I remember my mum telling me that in the 70’s you couldn’t even buy rice in the supermarket. It wasn’t a thing. Which is quite bizarre because the Chinese have been here since the Gold Rush. But you could go to specific places like the Chinese supermarket and they would have rice…And that is what […]

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Joyce 2

Keema Chicken Curry with Joyce – Marrickville

“People really appreciate home cooked meals. I had a friend who was going through a hard time so I was making them home cooked meals. I felt like I couldn’t provide much, but I could provide food”. Well known among her friends as a benevolent cook, Joyce is a generous and open person, with a […]

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Mr Ahmet’s Sandal Workshop – in Kos, Greece

“I did not go to school. This is my school!”. A leather shoemaker for 61 years, Ahmet spends 6 days a week at his workshop in Kolokotroni Street, in the island of Kos, Greece. With an atmosphere rich in tanning chemicals, the workshop is layered with rolls of leather, canvas, shoe boxes and tools. Ahmet […]

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Andreas and Jaana of Amaryllis – Kos, Greece

Andreas met his wife Jaana in 1989, while she was in Kos for a week holiday from Finland. Andreas had moved to Kos from Tripoli in 1982 and was originally working as a waiter in hotels, until he bought Amaryllis (named after the flower) in 1987. In 1991, Jaana moved to Kos permanently and has […]

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Community Kouzina Exhibition – Official Open Marrickville 2016 Closing Event

Featuring images, ingredients and stories, Community Kouzina by Eleni Christou, is an ethnographic documentation of kitchens and gardens in Marrickville and Kos, Greece. Celebrating members of the community through their culinary practice, Community Kouzina explores food as a culturally rich and portable form of identity, transcending borders through the movement of people and their imagination. […]

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Blurring Imaginary Lines at Parliament on King

Have you ever been to Parliament on King? You should – I will tell you why. Ravi, the owner has one of the biggest hearts on King Street. Everyday Ravi, and his wife Della, open the front room of their home, not only to serve the neighbourhood but to help cultivate hospitality skills among asylum […]

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